Product Development and Management

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Product Development and Management

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Product Development and Management.

Maker of oral care store brand products acquires toothbrush protector innovator

Ranir acquires Steripod and will slowly integrate the company's products into its portfolio over time

Nielsen predicts what the next decade of brand innovation will bring

From products to packaging, store brands will need to embrace "remarkable shifts in innovation strategies"

But retailer's latest limited-time offering might be "too cute to eat"

Grocers are in position to boost store brand activity in the meat case but hampering efforts is limited space and a large base of shoppers that remain loyal to national brands

Retailers should consider jams, jellies and preserves with more intense flavors, organic ingredients and cleaner ingredient decks to succeed as private branded offerings

With new introduction, convenience store chain says it now brews more than half its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified beans

New lines kick off a complete redesign, revamp of its private label that will see more than 3,500 newly branded products by 2021

The key for store brands is to provide intrigue, but without turning off customers

Retailer's recently revamped store brand has become its best-selling ice cream line

With plenty of nutrition in a small package, nut butters are poised to expand their presence as private brands

Sustainability is also a major component of flexible packaging and a big reason that more retailers and manufacturers are interested in using it

Retailer predicts new developments in plant-based foods

Category is diverse, crowded and complex — but ripe with opportunity for private brands

Retailer teaming with Germany's Infarm to provide shoppers the freshest and most sustainable living produce options available

Retailers can help boost store brand activity by responding to greater consumer interest in exciting and healthy selections

Private brand diapers now account for 15% of online diaper sales after growing 72% over the past year

Private brands, which have been the main driver of organic product launches in recent years, are strongly situated for expansion

Beverage will make a solid private brand for several reasons

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