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Cover Story: Onward and Upward
Special Report: The Real Deal
2018 Beverage Report
Trending: Moving with the Times
Total Store: Politics and Private Brands
Category Intelligence: Sauces and Marinades; Cough and Cold; Trail Mix and Jerky; Oils and Vinegars; Paper Products


Trending:: They like them but ...
2018-2019 Buyers’ Guide Listings
Supplier Index: Alphabetical listing of companies
Product Index: Company listings by product category, including
— Food Products
— Health & Beauty Care
— Household
— Miscellaneous

Cover story: Star power
Trending: Shake it up
Total Store: Grocerants galore
Focus on Fresh: Fresh and organic — a dynamic duo
Category Intelligence: Cheese; Salty snacks; Juices, water and seltzer; Cookies and crackers; Wet wipes



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Store Brands November 2017 Issue


Store Brands October 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Bringing Nutrition Facts  into focus
  • Top Women in Store Brands: Women on a mission
  • Sales Boosting Strategies: ‘Center’ of attraction
  • PLMA Show Preview: Taking the stage
  • Hiring Insights: Make the team
  • Sustainable Packaging: Going green
  • Category Intelligence: Coffee and teas; Candy and chocolate; Frozen novelties; Deli meats; Ethnic foods; Paper products Disposable tableware

2017 Contract Manufacturing Supplier Directory

The definitive guide for locating outsource partners, including:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Beauty 
  • Manufacturing & Filling 
  • Non-Food/General Merchandise 
  • Packaging & Services

Also available online at:


Store Brands September 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Lidl’s logic
  • 2017 Store Brands’ Growth 100: The numbers say it all
  • Emerging Snacking Trends: Eating on the go
  • Private Brand Marketing: Zeroing in on generation Z
  • Packaging Innovation: On the upgrade
  • Category Intelligence: Spices and seasoning; Pasta, rice and grains; RTD coffee and tea; Allergy and sleep aids; and Vitamins and supplements


Private Label International: Fall 2017

  • Cover Story: Aldi South: Sticking to the basics
  • Consumer Trends: Vegan food trend takes root in Europe
  • Condiments: Add some pizzazz
  • Sauces and Marinades: A closer look
  • Frozen Foods: In with the new
  • Household Paper Products: Take it up a notch


Store Brands August 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Drafted into service
  • Healthful Ingredients: Building blocks
  • Strengthing Store Brands: Destination fresh
  • 2017 Beverage Report
  • Category Intelligence: Honey and syrups; Salty snacks; Fruits and vegatables; Wet wipes


Store Brands July 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Facing up to the Task
  • Non-Foods State of the Industry: Incredible inedibles
  • Marketing to Aging Consumers: A force to be reckoned with
  • Packaging: Function without limit
  • Category Intelligence: Oils and vinegars; Fruit and nut snacks; Baked good and desserts; Sauces and marinades; Paper products; and Foot care products

Store Brands June 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Putting a Premium on Premium
  • 2017-2018 Buyers’ Guide Listings
  • Supplier Index: Alphabetical listing of companies
  • Product Guide: Company listings by product category, including
    — Food Products
    — Health & Beauty Care
    — Household
    — Miscellaneous

Store Brands May 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Champions of Private Brands
  • Marketing Innovation: Imagine that
  • Food Safety: Building trust
  • Flavor Forecast: Flavors ‘planted’ in fruits, veggies
  • Packaging: Going digital
  • Category Intelligence: Frozen meals and entreés; Candy; Single-serve beverages; Spices and seasonings; Pizza and pizza crusts; Baby care products; Beauty care products

Private Label International:  Spring 2017

  • Cover Story: Band of banners
  • Expert Insights: A cut above
  • Pasta & Rice: Health kick
  • Oils & Vinegars: A taste for high quality
  • Coffee & Tea: Filling up the mug
  • Beauty Care: Superior products for ordinary consumers

Store Brands April 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: Good cents
  • A Burgeoning Category: Organic opportunity
  • Ethnic Trends: Tough sell
  • Packaging: ‘Value’ proposition
  • Category Intelligence: Water, juice and other RTD beverages; Salty snacks; Meat and poultry; Condiments and dressings; Bread, rolls and dough; Wet wipes; Incontinence care; Shave care

Store Brands March 2017 Issue

  • PLMA Hall of Fame: Premium Tier
  • 2017 State of the Industry Report: A ‘Natural’ Resource
  • Packaging: Building the perfect package
  • Category Intelligence: Honey and syrups; Baking mixes and ingredients; Dips and spreads; Cookies and crackers; Over-the-counter remedies; Household cleaners

Store Brands February 2017 Issue

  • Retailer of the Year: The Publix trust
  • Health and Wellness: Clear opportunity
  • Connecting with Consumers: Building brand buzz with social media
  • Emerging Fragrance Trends: Emotional connections
  • Category Intelligence: Pasta, rice and grains; Frozen appetizers and snacks; Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables; Pet care products; Vitamins and minerals

Store Brands January 2017 Issue

  • Cover Story: The Great Reformulation
  • Logistics: Keeping food safe from farm to fork
  • Exclusive Analysis: Pumping up private label
  • Specialty & Gourmet Update: A ‘prime’ opportunity
  • Health & Wellness: No gluten. No trans fats. No BPA. No GMOs. No sesquipedalians ...
  • Packaging: Just enough
  • Smart Merchandising: Spicing up packaging, displays
  • Category Intelligence: Coffee & tea; Oils & vinegars; Fruit & nut snack mixes; Sauces & marinades; Paper products; Cosmetics & beauty care products