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Food Lion apple promotion teams with Feeding America

Proceeds from purchases of the store brand bagged apples go to the organization helping its member food banks

Trader Joe’s pumps out pumpkin treats

The retailer’s podcast and new product posts highlight a host of pumpkin-themed items hitting shelves

Walgreens adds business-focused COVID-19 testing program

The program gives employers and their employees access to Walgreens COVID-19 sites, as well as clinical guidance on preventive care

2020 Editors' Picks Awards

The gold, silver and bronze winners across several categories in Food, Beverages and Nonfoods.

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Suppliers and experts say the e-commerce giant’s private label is behind traditional retail, but its foray into brick-and-mortar could change all that

A new study from Mercatus and Incisiv estimates the impact of COVID-19 will extend dramatically to online grocery over the next five years

The company will debut its first fat-tire bike and three new sustainable shoes under its REI Co-op Brands label

The discounter tallied 177,000 customer votes in its second-annual Fan Favorite survey

Dr. Reddy is rolling out its olopatadine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 0.2% and 0.1%, the equivalents to Alcon’s Pataday Once Daily Relief and Pataday Twice Daily Relief

Gateway is bringing three lines of laptops and two tablets to as online exclusives from the iconic PC brand known for its cow-print packaging

The grocer’s private label Berry Chantilly Cake is on special this weekend for Amazon Prime members

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Walgreens own brand version of Voltaren in-store

Store Brands in the Wild spots new own brand from Walgreens near competitor’s merchandising, plus candy at Casey’s


Stem & Root takes hold at CVS

Clean, innovative merchandising supports the exclusive plant-based wellness products inside the drug chain


Managing retail leads for store brand suppliers

Brandon Leong of the popular sourcing platform RangeMe discusses ways to manage leads in a new digital and nondigital world for selling in a private brand product


McKinsey research: Winning over consumers for the long term

McKinsey’s Kelsey Robinson discusses findings from the company’s latest research and how private brands can benefit for the long haul after the coronavirus pandemic


Time to shine

Seth Mendelson, publisher/editor-in-chief, says value-focused shoppers and rising prices on national brands offer private label a chance to grow its consumer base


Store brand swag?

A pair of Lidl-branded sneakers became a hit overseas, selling for more than 10 times the price on ebay and third-party sites, Store Brands editor Dan Ochwat ponders if retailers could be sitting on a trend


In the Aisles: How the coronavirus changed up marketing

Retailers have focused on educating consumers and thanking staff, but perhaps things are changing


In the Aisles: Our finest moment

Seth Mendeslon, Store Brands' editor in chief, says private brand manufacturers, retailers stepped up to the coronavirus pandemic

2020 Buyers' Guide

Buyers' Guide
Shooting star logo for Rising Stars

Rising Stars in Private Label 2020

Recognizing more than 40 young, talented movers and shakers in the private brand industry

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