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For private brands, it pays to be premium

Not all store brand products are driving growth at the same rate, and not all branded products are experiencing declining sales. When dissected by price tier, it’s clear that premium products are winning across the board

Disruptors: Aldi means business

By 2022, if all goes well, Aldi will become the nation’s third-largest grocery retailer behind Walmart and Kroger. It's impact on private brands is and will continue to be substantial

Cold-brew coffee sales continue to perk

Considering that only 7 percent of coffee drinkers say they have made their own cold-brew coffee at home, there is plenty of room to grow. But to grow the segment it will take education on behalf of retailers and manufacturers

2018 State of the Industry Report

4/5/2018 — Private brands are flourishing according to a recent Daymon study, but there are still retailers that need to take their store brand programs to the next level — or else.


From smaller to shareable to cleaner to spicier to handier, innovation was in full view, reports Jim Dudlicek, editorial director for Progressive Grocer

New entity will ‘serve as the engine that powers’ digital strategies for retailers' U.S. banners

Acquisition of Home Chef, one of the largest meal-kit delivery companies in the U.S., follows Kroger's introduction of own-brand Prep+Pared Meal Kits, which are now available in more than 525 stores

Lidl taking a "agile and adaptive" approach to store openings, spokesman says

Retailer’s director of investment relations says in call with analysts that Walmart is seizing opportunity to increase private brand quality

Packaged Facts finds that the belief that natural, organic and humane agricultural practices produce foods that are healthier, tastier or more nutritious is widespread among the general adult population

As concerns about the environment increase, the connection between sustainability and consumer purchase decisions is growing stronger

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The bathroom: A significant store brand

If a consumer has a bad bathroom experience, that store’s trust factor just went down the toilet


Why authentic Italian pizza makes sense as a private brand

Yes, we love our piles of meat so heavy that the pizza crust is soaked with grease and sagging. But many Americans also want more authentic food products that are healthy and free-from certain ingredients

Looking for store brand suppliers?

Look no further. The Store Brands Buyers' Guide is the most comprehensive directory of its kind in the market.


Buyers' Guide

Podcast: What Albertsons/Rite-Aid merger means for their store brands

Kantar Consulting’s Diana Sheehan says both companies’ store brands will complement each other, leading to an increase in footprint and penetration of their own brands

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