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Spotlighting Creative Campaigns

Dan Ochwat, executive editor, Store Brands talks the growing impact on marketing private brands and how the publication wants to highlight the most innovative efforts.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Before coming over to Store Brands as an editor, roughly two years ago now, I had spent several years with Shopper Marketing magazine, a print publication under the Path to Purchase Institute that eventually became the print magazine it is today, Path to Purchase IQ. The publication remains a stalwart one, confessedly part of the EnsembleIQ family that owns Store Brands. But it’s an incredible resource for seeing how national consumer goods companies are marketing products across the entire path to purchase, inside stores, online, outdoor, you name it.

I remain fascinated by how brands go to market, and now at Store Brands, I’m very interested in how private brands merchandise inside stores, how they leverage social media, TV spots and more. As private brands become more and more sophisticated, it’s only a matter of time they become tremendous brand marketers themselves.

We’re already seeing examples, of course. Early this year, Albertsons ran a very creative campaign around its Soleil sparkling water, tying it into a set of Spotify playlists and unique packaging art, featuring up-and-coming artists, and Walmart has been creatively using augmented reality in stores tied to the Netflix show “Waffles + Mochi.” Save A Lot ran a fun music video and campaign around its rebranding that included dedicated animated “adlets” to its store brands.

As private brands become more and more sophisticated, it’s only a matter of time they become tremendous brand marketers themselves.

In the December issue of Store Brands, we aim to highlight the best in private brand marketing and recently launched an online submission call for companies to submit the best private brand marketing examples that run across social media or influencers, digital and mobile efforts, TV, in-store merchandising, all-encompassing integrated campaigns, and more. We want to see any innovative marketing examples and feature them.

The feature is called Creative Campaigns 2021 and we’re hoping readers and companies submit nominations for best-in-class marketing examples by Nov. 12.

When talking about my days at Shopper Marketing, I’d be remiss to point out that I actually first started out at the magazine when it was called P-O-P Times, a publication dedicated to how national brands merchandised and leveraged point-of-purchase displays in-store. I make the point because it’s been incredible to see marketing grow over the last two decades. 

That publication evolved into Shopper Marketing, which I helped launch, and then Path to Purchase IQ, as a direct result of marketers expanding from displays, and print and TV, to meeting shoppers along the full shopper journey, pre-shop, in-aisle and at home. Today, private brands are doing it all from mobile campaigns, e-commerce, social and more. We want to highlight the best. Send us your best examples in marketing.

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