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Baseball stadiums provide food for thought

Creative offerings on menus throughout America’s 30 baseball stadiums just might spark a few ideas for private brands

Why millennials matter (even though you’re tired of hearing about them)

Generation could have a tremendous impact on a possible boom of private brands

For one consumer, the chain is a testament to how important the human element is to service, which has everything to do with building a positive image for a retailer’s brand

Diana Sheehan says both companies’ store brands will complement each other, leading to an increase in footprint and penetration of their own brands

Technology is a means to enablement, and retailers that offer private brands stand to benefit from some of the new capabilities being offered

Despite a few early setbacks and criticism (even from its own CEO), Kantar Consulting’s Mike Paglia expects Lidl to be more effective in the U.S. going forward with its low-priced, high-quality private brands. But it will take some time.

Retailers need to be darn sure that automation works — all of the time

The Private Label Trade Show, held last week in Rosemont, Ill., showcased impressive innovation on the part of both exhibitors and retailers

Hy-Vee, Kroger and Wegmans are just three of many retailers that provide food and other services year-round

During routine thunderstorms and snowstorms, grocery retailers could provide much better customer service

Some said Lidl was “can’t miss” and “a sure thing.” Although laudatory, that’s a tough label to lay on a grocery retailer coming to a new country for the first time.

Trader Joe’s easily beats Whole Foods in the dog treat segment by offering a bigger and more innovative assortment of store brand products

Report reveals consumer reaction to Whole Foods’ price reductions implemented by Amazon after merger officially closed in August

Don Stuart, a private brands strategist, talks about the factors he believes could lead to significant growth in private brands in the years to come

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