Albertsons spruces up Soleil for the summer

Store brand sparkling water gets four new flavors, new packaging from global visual artists and its very own Spotify playlists.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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new packaging surrounded by oranges

Albertsons is celebrating Soleil this summer, giving the own brand of sparkling water special packaging designs from global visual artists and three Spotify music playlists.  

The grocer also has introduced four new flavors — mango, raspberry lime, tangerine and watermelon — to go with the omnichannel campaign.

The summer promotion is called “Sip to the Beat,” where shoppers can unlock one of three curated Spotify music playlists through the new packaging. The playlists add to the summer party in three categories: Amped Beats, Chill Vibes and Good Times.

Soleil first launched in 2016 and has grown steadily to play a strong role in the billion-dollar Signature family of store brands from the Boise, Idaho-based retailer. Last year a caffeinated version of the beverage earned an Editors’ Picks recognition.

“We’re really pleased with the fun new look of each Soleil flavor,” said Lisa Mirae, senior director of brands and marketing. “The designs are an imaginative way to celebrate culture, music, and the power of Soleil to add a little sunshine to any occasion. The bold Soleil script on each package means it will still be very recognizable to our customers.”

The refreshed packaging is tailored to each flavor of Soleil and comes from seven artists including Raul Urias, a visual artist and illustrator from Mexico City; Nuria Boi, an Edinburgh-based Spanish motion designer and illustrator; Bárbara Malagol, an illustrator and visual artist based in London; Alejandro Parrilla, an illustrator based out of Madrid; Mel Cerri, a lettering artist and illustrator based in São Paulo; Minji Moon, a Seoul-based illustrator and animator; and Calvin Sprague an illustrator out of Rotterdam.

Soleil sparkling water is made with carbonated water and natural flavors and does not contain added sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavors, calories, or sodium. It is produced by Albertsons self-manufacturing teams at plants in California, Washington and Colorado. The four new flavors join a roster that includes berry, lemon, lime, grapefruit, peach, blood orange, cucumber melon, black cherry, cranberry raspberry, strawberry, pineapple and apple.