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Walmart adds AR to Waffles + Mochi program

Parents and kids can scan QR codes on signs in stores with their mobile phone to see virtual characters from the show in the aisles.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Walmart has added an interactive, augmented reality feature to its digital partnership with the Netflix show “Waffles + Mochi” that has kids interacting with produce and own brand products directly in stores.

The two previously introduced mobile and online games featuring characters from the TV show and had kids and parents building recipes using some store brand product as well as watching video clips and playing games.

The AR component gets parents and kids in stores to find virtual characters down the aisles. With a mobile phone, parents and kids can scan a QR code found on a marked sign and through the phone’s camera characters from the show will appear in that location virtually. The signs will be in the grocery department as the show is all about connecting children with food. 

Looking at the game, kids can find codes near produce and see characters on the phone near the items as well as Great Value spices and more.

There are nine different characters to find in the store using the mobile camera. Walmart developed the digital experience in collaboration with Partnership for a Healthier America and Higher Ground Productions.