Kindfull’s in the doghouse

Target’s pet food and treats store brand finds itself inside clever, easy-to-set merchandising.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Four-legged friends are trending. While there are several statistics out there that support the rise in consumers buying dogs and cats, there’s no further proof than Target launching an own brand.

The retailer is a leader at identifying product trends and getting powerhouse own brands to support, such as its All in Motion line of workout and athleisure apparel, or the tie-in with Hilton Carter and plants in the home.

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With pets, the retailer introduced Kindfull, a beautifully designed dog food, cat food and treats line that the company said upon its launch that internal research showed a need for high quality pet food at a good value.

By the numbers, Alphia, a supplier of store brand pet products, said by the end of 2020, pet ownership reached nearly 71 million U.S. households. The American Pet Products Association said pet ownership last year increased nearly 70% across the country, although in 2021 numbers slowed by a few percentage points, per L.E.K. Consulting, it’s expected to rise annually for the next few years.

As Store Brands in the Wild frequents Target, some impressive in-store merchandising was found supporting Kindfull, and two different Target stores in Chicago showcased the pet private label. 

In a main walkthrough of the store, one store had a multi-merchandised island display with two Kindfull merchandising pieces combined and bookended by a branded Greenies endcap display.  The metal Kindfull fixtures were on wheels, making it easy for store staff to set up the units. The fun displays are reminiscent of a dog house and with the open air design enable the product packages to shine alongside fun pet graphics.

In a different store, a standalone fixture was rolled out into the same main walkway. Both of the set ups drove shoppers right into the pet aisle, which had accompanying Kindfull aisle header signage along with shelf signs that carried messaging such as “Creating a world of good for your pet.”

It’s another set of beautiful point-of-purchase displays from Target supporting its store brands.

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