Walgreens own brand version of Voltaren in-store

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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On Sept. 1, Walgreens introduced its own brand equivalent to the GSK Consumer Healthcare product Voltaren, a diclofenac gel that helps with managing pain from arthritis. Coinciding with the launch, the retailer positioned packages of its Walgreens gel beneath some strong merchandising for the Voltaren product.

Furthermore, a red shelf strip beneath the boxes of product asked shoppers to “compare and save” and the signage touted that the product had the “same active ingredient as Voltaren but at a better price.”

The merchandising was found in a Walgreens in Chicago. The Voltaren display truly stood out down the aisle, and it was of two locations down the aisle where signage called out Voltaren.

Casey’s candy
A stop at a Casey’s General Store in Utica, Ill., revealed a wall of Casey’s store brand candy — red packages represented chocolate candies and yellow packages carried gummy candies like peach rings, watermelon slides, wax bottles and more. The colors reflect the retailer’s brand colors. 

The candy wall was quite impressive, featuring a big spread for on-the-go shoppers stopping to fuel up cars and also get an energy burst from some own brand candy, a common store brand product in convenience stores.

The candies were positioned beneath Casey’s branded coolers.

Casey’s recently said it would be working with the platform RangeMe to source new suppliers for its private brands. The company said it was going to be reimagining its merchandising in stores and offer a bigger private brand program. I can easily see this sort of candy treatment extend down the snack aisle or in the cold vault for beverages when the company does expand.


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