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Albertsons bottles sustainable wines

The latest offering in its private brand wine portfolio is Kalyana, a line of three wines from California, certified and produced via a range of sustainable techniques.
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Premier Pallet Solutions from iGPS

The all-plastic pallet pooling system from iGPS is a sustainable, cost-cutting solution for retailers everywhere. Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable; plus they’re lighter and more durable than traditional wooden pallets. Save time and money with iGPS.
Retailer News & Profiles

Whole Foods debuts responsible sourcing seal

Products that are certified through third-party organizations now get a Sourced for Good seal to assist Whole Foods shoppers looking to buy responsibly sourced items.
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2020 Editors' Picks Awards

The gold, silver and bronze winners across several categories in Food, Beverages and Nonfoods.

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