Walmart’s Hart teams with the Fords

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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A month ago Store Brands in the Wild highlighted a range of fixtures and displays that Walmart placed in stores to usher in an expanded Hart tool line — the retailer has more than 300 products under its new hardware store brand. Editors at partner organization the Path to Purchase Institute shared the images with Store Brands, and the same editors recently found a new online program supporting the own brand of tools. 

Walmart has teamed with TV tool celebs Leanne and Steve Ford to present DIY educational videos on the Hart website. The Hart tools are developed to be perfect tools for do-it-yourself hardware consumers so the Pittsburgh-based brother and sister team are working with Walmart and Hart to help consumers with some home-based projects and to showcase the Hart tools in action.

In addition to the videos on the Hart site, and perhaps more importantly, the Ford team will be promoting the videos and tools via their Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels. Walmart supported the partnership with an April 14 email blast and on their social media.

Members of the Path to Purchase Institute have access to an exclusive profile on Walmart,including more than 12,400 store shots.


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