Walgreens bundles own brands in store promo

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Walgreens bundles own brands in store promo

By Dan Ochwat - 05/14/2020

During March and April, a peak pandemic shopping period, Walgreens deployed bold, oversized aisle violators throughout its stores to promote a bundled promotion around its own brands.

The signage in a Walgreens in North Charleston, S.C., as found by editors of the Path to Purchase Institute, mostly touted its health products such as Walgreens brand OTC medicines and vitamins, for example. The promotion offered shoppers a chance to earn $3 off when buying $20 or more in Walgreens brand products. The promotion allowed for bundling multiple “yellow tag offers” around its store brands, and the signage neatly told shoppers to “Look for the Walgreens name.”

Some retailers had been limiting in-store offers and promotions in-store to curb traffic, but this is a solid initiative. This location had at least four violators up, captured by the editors. For more on Walgreens, members of the Institute can go here.

Click to visit Krogersocialsocial.com

Kroger Social Social

As detailed recently in Store Brands, Kroger has unveiled weekly, inventive, at-home kits to download and enjoy, and it promotes its store brands as central to the party.

This week’s kit helped families camp at home, with activities to help build a fort to share online, play hide n’ seek, some activity sheets for kids to download.

Recipes for camping-related foods and drinks included:

  • “Ants on a Log,” a twist on the celery, peanut butter and raisin treat, calling for Simple Truth Creamy Peanut Butter and Private Selection Black Forest Blend Trail Mix;
  • “Bug Juice,” an ice cream drink that blends in Kroger Grape Juice and Private Selection Triple Berry Blend berries that are used in smoothies;
  • Private Selection cocoa mixes;
  • “Campfire Cones,” a treat that fills up a Kroger Waffle Cone with Simple Truth Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and heats them in the oven or over a fire, and then gets topped with Kroger Mini Marshmallows and toppings;
  • sangrias with Simple Truth Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • “Smokey Mule,” an alcoholic beverage utilizing Kroger Ginger Beer, Mezcal, lime juice and Private Selection Ground Cayenne Pepper;
  • “Sleeping Bag Tacos," which cook up Private Selection ground beef or its Emerge Plant-Based Grind, tossing in Kroger Taco Seasoning, toppings and shaking it up in a bag with Kroger chips;
  • and a "Smore-Cuterie Board," a platter filled with Kroger Marshmallows, Simple Truth Graham Crackers, a Private Selection 72% Cacao Cranberry Orange & Honey Dark Chocolate Swiss Bar and more.


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