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Supplements producer turns influencers into private brands

Healthy Extracts is giving influencers with more than 500,000 followers a way to develop a private label product.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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A plant-based products and ingredients producer, Healthy Extracts, is looking to partner with influencers that want to sell their own brand of products.

It’s a spin off of the traditional retail private label partnerships the company executes, this time empowering influencers to develop a private label line of supplements or products with Healthy Extracts that leverage its clinically proven plant-based products for heart and brain health.

The Las Vegas-based company said about 41% of consumers discover new brands from social media influencers and developed the program to suit major influencers with more than 500,000 followers covering the health and wellness, sports and healthcare markets, and who want to enhance their personal brand with unlimited revenue potential.

Healthy Extracts said the process would be virtually turn-key for influencers, from formulation, manufacturing and storage, to shipping and customer resource management. Influencers would only be responsible for the wholesale purchase and promotion of their branded products to their engaged audiences.

The entry level for private label participation would involve a minimum purchase of 60,000 units of their choice of a particular Healthy Extracts product. This could net between $90,000 to $120,000 in gross profits for the influencer, depending upon the product sold, the company said. Initial influencers can also earn the opportunity to become company shareholders. Upon achieving certain sales targets, influencers would become eligible to receive equity-based incentives.

“We introduced this program to increase our social engagement, strengthen our brand identity and accelerate revenue growth, but at minimal cost,” said Healthy Extracts president Duke Pitts. “We also see it elevating our profile as a high-growth publicly traded company as more and more influencers become active shareholders of HYEX."

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Healthy Extracts invites viewers to guess their first influencer private label partnership at

The company said it has signed a “major influencer” to develop her own brand of supplements, however the influencer won’t be revealed for a few weeks. Currently, the company has a video on its website of her shaded from view, offering clues for viewers to guess. The company said it is in advanced discussions with a number of additional influencers across a variety of markets. 

Healthy Extracts influencers will have the option to promote the company’s formulations or create exclusive custom-formulated products, which can then be rebranded under their own private label. The selection of products available through the influencer program are based upon the company’s expanding line of Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit and Ultimate Brain Nutrients formulations.

Offered exclusively in North America by Healthy Extracts, Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit has the highest quality and concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids. It has been shown by more than 17 clinical studies to possess powerful health benefits for the heart and metabolism, including maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, according to the company.