Store Brands in the Wild: Harris Teeter

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Supermarket chain Harris Teeter is a subsidiary of Kroger, operating 260 stores in seven states on the east coast, but it boasts its own robust private label program including its HT Traders, HT Organics and Harris Teeter brand products that run alongside Simple Truth, Private Selection and many more.

Editors at affiliate organization the Path to Purchase Institute recently posted some floor displays touting its own brands.

The displays are fairly basic corrugated floor units placed at the end of an aisle, but they are dedicated merchandising. One display even touts an “equal to or better” on a display for HT Traders cheese straws. The display seemed to work, too, as product looks well picked over. The display was in a store in Summerville, S.C. Harris Teeter is headquartered in Charlotte.

Other displays found in Charlotte and Summerville touted Harris Teeter brand dried cranberries and HT Traders peanuts.

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