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Sprouts ‘hatches’ summer store brand inspiration

Store Brands in the Wild takes a close look at the merchandising around the release of Hatch Chiles, summer-themed private brand snacks, and a wonderful display showcasing a local farmer.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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This summer, Sprouts was one of a few grocers that introduced new store brand launches inspired by the release of Hatch Chiles from New Mexico, including a chiles-inspired cheese curls snack and Sprouts Hatch Ranch Dressing.

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Seasonal Hatch Chiles of New Mexico welcomed the produce department.

While visiting a Sprouts location in Denver, Store Brands in the Wild saw the beautiful Hatch Chiles themselves on display in the center of the store along with impressive merchandising built around its Sprouts brand of nuts and snacks, ideal for the hiking and celebrations occurring in Denver.

Circular headers called attention to the sections, proclaiming, “So much goodness to share this summer!” The location had two large, beautiful wooden merchandising units shelving the retailer’s packaged own brand dried fruits and nuts, as well as its packaged bulk nuts, dried fruits and more (see below).

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A display highlighted a local Colorado potato farmer, positioned with Sprouts store brand grilling needs.

The fresh Hatch Chiles themselves sat nearby, welcoming an entrance into Sprouts’ always impressive fresh produce section. The one-level, open store layout is very easy on the eyes, both with its warm colors and organic imagery but the basic sightlines to spot produce, the summer merchandising in the summer and the adjacent snack aisles.

Also near the summer merchandising, and just before the Sprouts butcher shop, an incredibly relevant and smart display advertised a local Colorado grower of fingerling potatoes. The retailer paired the potatoes with Sprouts store brand briquets for grilling and Sprouts brand seasonings to subtly get shoppers inspired for the grilling season.


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