Free Assembly freshens up for spring

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Last fall, Walmart unveiled its stylish clothing line Free Assembly and this month released a preview into its spring collection. The retailer launched a lookbook to show off the additional apparel items as well as a dedicated page on Walmart that features videos and hip photography that continues to position the own brand as trendier than what one might expect from the mass leader.


The retailer said the kickoff launch for Free Assembly championed premium selvedge denim and organic cotton at incredibly low prices, and the spring styles add to that with 83 pieces for women and 61 for men. The clothing is built to be mixed, matched and layered, as Walmart first positioned the clothes, and the lookbook continues to push that message.

In apparel, lookbooks are an important tool, and I’m not sure if this is Walmart’s first time using one to promote one of its in-house designed brands, but the line is certainly worthy of the effort. Here’s the 22-page lookbook and the dedicated page for Free Assembly that touts the new line.

Combined, they’re impressive-looking digital display tactics to further this modern brand for Walmart, and the line definitely has a different air about it than others in its portfolio that didn’t get lookbooks or dedicated video treatment.

Throughout there are ads to click that send users to the dedicated page and collection, so there might be supporting digital ads as well, and maybe in-store merchandising when the clothing hits stores in the weeks ahead.

I enjoy the “inclusively at Walmart” tagline in the ads, too. Here are some looks from the lookbook:

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