Artie wine debuts, Target ads support All in Motion

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Around mid-January, Giant Food debuted a new private label wine called Artie for the 163 stores it operates in the greater Washington, D.C., area, and the new store brand vino has been getting some very impressive in-store merchandising support — headlined by its adorable cork icons.

As spotted in the wild by sister brand Path to Purchase Institute, a Virginia store shrouded Artie bottles in an Artie-labeled fridge with signage highlighting the fun, animated cork icons and bottles in crafty wine crates. A Hannaford store in the New England area also had this extremely colorful standee with four decorated cork characters calling out characteristics of the store brand wine, set up near a dazzling array of bottles.

The Artie wines fall under the Ahold Delhaize USA Giant banner. Retail Business Services manages the retailer’s private brands. Members of the Path to Purchase Institute have access to an exclusive profile on Ahold Delhaize.

All in Motion

A little over a month ago, Target’s new athletic wear private brand All in Motion started rolling out to stores, phasing out some of its previous, exclusively licensed athletic gear, including C9 by Champion (now with Amazon). Adding to the in-store support that seems to be growing at the retail locations, I spotted a banner ad while visiting a music website I frequent. It’s likely programmatic based on my previous purchase history of the All in Motion clothing or coverage of it, but there’s something about seeing a private brand in a dominant web banner ad that does make it feel like a brand that stands toe-to-toe with a national brand.

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