Walmart touts charitable efforts

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Retailers have been stepping up in many ways to confront COVID-19 and one way has been to donate money to organizations such as food banks to help those in need. Walmart previously announced a $25 million donation, spreading that money out to various organizations helping to fight COVID-19 in different ways.

Walmart’s also been partnering with Feeding America for seven years and highlighted in an ad on that it has donated $8 million to Feeding America this year. Walmart also included a link to have shoppers click to donate what they can and touted its billion-dollar store brand Great Value next to a bevy of national brands who are all supporting the cause.

The Path to Purchase Institute editors found the Walmart online ad. Members of the sister organization to Store Brands can gain access to more than 11,000 images at Walmart.

All in Motion

A trip to a Target in Chicago found a new All in Motion feature in stores. Store Brands in the Wild has been spotting the All in Motion activity since the announcement, starting with some placeholder signage, then a digital ad and now this in-store department with beautiful signage calling out its contour curvy leggings and a slick ceiling treatment of the new logo over mannequins. This is the merchandising expected of Target, and they’re clearly fully establishing this inclusive sportswear brand as a top trend for its stores.

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