Walgreens shows off its beauty brands

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Walgreens shows off its beauty brands

By Dan Ochwat - 01/30/2020

Over the last four years, Walgreens has been ramping up its beauty department, and private brands are playing a key role. Coresight Research recently detailed how drugstores are leveraging beauty as a major trend, particularly in the digital age. Read coverage of the report here.

Two store brands driving this premium beauty experience at the drug chain is No7 and Soap and Glory, evident by some prime merchandising found in stores from California to New York.


Walgreens — No7

In its most recent earnings report, co-COO and Walgreens president Alex Gourlay said the No7 beauty brand saw an increase in sales in the mid-teens, partly reflected by a nationwide ad campaign and e-commerce site. The proof is in the P-O-P. Store Brands’ Managing Editor David Salazar found a large display case in a store in Brooklyn, N.Y., placed adjacent to a big case for its Soap and Glory (more below).

In a store in Vacaville, Calif., a cling on the cosmetics counter highlighted the No7 skin serum with beautiful, informative graphics and it coincided with a nearby striking floorstand with a sample tester.

The large display case highlighted the No7 serum as well as a host of other items 10-shelves deep.


Walgreens — Soap and Glory

The more playful and youthful Soap & Glory brand also received a large island display, shoppable from multiple sides featuring the large breadth of soaps, masks and cleaning products under the Soap & Glory brand. The pink color and silver color scheme jumps out in the Brooklyn location.

A gift set endcap found in a Walgreens in Wheat Ridge, Colo., also highlights Walgreens clear strategy to offer up prime space to its private beauty brand. The candy-stripe signage on the endcap runs nicely with the special gift packaging.

The endcap image and the California-based No7 Walgreens images were captured by the Path to Purchase Institute. Members can have access to more exclusive content on Walgreens.

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