Streaming device battle is 'onn.' at Walmart

Retailer launched streamer devices under its onn. brand, which Walmart told Store Brands was first developed as an industry disruptor to simplify electronics.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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In the last two weeks, Walmart shoppers saw a new own brand offering from the retailer — a media streamer product under its onn. brand. The service is similar to a Roku player or Amazon Fire stick. The onn. versions are a Chromecast-enabled Android TV device and have a remote with Google Assistant voice controls. 

Walmart quietly dropped the items without an official release. The two streamers, one in 4K, the other standard HD, are less than $30, a lower price point than Roku. The products offer Dolby sound, too.

For a little history on onn., Leigh Stidham, a spokesperson with Walmart, told Store Brands that the onn. brand has been the retailer’s private label option since 2010 and in 2019 the retailer consolidated all of its store brand electronics into the brand. It includes hundreds of electronics and accessories, including the streamers.

a video game remote control

Stidham said the brand and the streamers launched aiming to give shoppers a clear technology brand to make it easier to purchase entertainment devices.

“Walmart created the onn. brand with customers in mind, prioritizing electronics that are most important to them and providing a simpler shopping experience with a broad assortment, thoughtful product design that complements function and easy-to-understand product descriptions,” she said, adding that the brand is meant to be “an industry-disruptive entertainment brand to better serve customers and create a simplified shopping experience through thoughtful product design, elevated and compelling packaging design and simplified communications about product attributes — all at affordable prices.”