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This week’s “Store Brands in the Wild” highlights a find along the highways of Florida, a rare billboard being used to promote a retailer’s private brand line. The blog also showcases an aisle blade from Whole Foods that looks to usher in a private brand refresh.



Publix, GreenWise

Publix has recently been expanding its GreenWise store formats, a smaller organic specialty store that can be found in select cities in Florida, South Carolina and Alabama, and at the same time has been ramping up its GreenWise private brand in Publix stores, adding more than 100 products since its inception a few years ago.

Continuing its promotion of the private brand, Retail Leader’s Mike Troy spotted a rare billboard promoting the private brand in Florida. For that matter, it’s rare to find any billboard promoting a private brand, so the company is clearly investing in its healthy, organic line. If there’s a billboard, there’s likely some in-store signage and digital ads promoting, too. Publix clearly sees something in its GreenWise brand and name as more consumers look to healthier and cleaner foods.



Whole Foods, 365 Everyday Value
Seen down the snacks aisle of a Whole Foods in Chicago, the retailer rolled out an aisle blade that is promoting a packaging redesign and new logo for its 365 Everyday Value line. Packaging on the shelf still sported the older logo, which showed the green, yellow, orange and blue color blocks headlining the words 365 Everyday Value. However, newer packages for milk or other products might have been in this larger Chicago location, but just not in the packaging category yet.

The shelf sign seems to highlight a cleaner black and white logo with the words “365 Whole Foods Market,” perhaps signaling a new name for the private label line to go along with the packaging. 

The packaging on the signage also showcases a more fun, playful look.


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