Product Showcase 2021: Best Sellers in Nonfood and Beverage

A roundup of new and top-selling products available to retailers for private brands.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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To close out the year, Store Brands set out to present a showcase of exciting new products and best-selling products from prized and emerging private brand suppliers. Submissions could range from services, packaging types, food, nonfood, beverages and more. The goal was to compile options to help retailers grow private brand portfolios.

The compilation of companies that made the list of food innovations can be found here.

Below are 13 different companies sharing details about nonfood and beverage products or solutions for retailers to consider for a private brand rollout or to enhance a private brand program:

plastic trash bags

1. Aluf Plastics — trash bags
Made with 50% recycled material, Aluf Plastics has seen tremendous success with its Neat brand trash bags available for private brand development. The 13-gallon trash bags are exceptionally strong through its Harmonyx advanced film technology and reduces landfill waste by incorporating
50% recycled material into the production. The product also has a unique reversible black and white bag feature, where the outside is black to conceal what’s inside for the dumpster but the white inside offers a more pure look when placed in the kitchen.

adult diaper

2. Drylock Technologies — incontinence protection
Approaching the incontinence space with a shift toward sustainability, Drylock introduced its Simpli underwear products which are made from clean ingredients that are free from
fragrance, lotions, parabens, natural rubber latex, toxic dyes and elemental chlorine bleaching.
Additionally, to reduce the impact of CO2, the underwear bags are CO2 neutral and produced in
a CO2-neutral factory. Simpli underwear is made to be gentle for the skin and tough on leaks with up to 12 hours of leakage protection.

Garcoa Laboratories logo

3. Garcoa — lotion
Coming in February 2022, Garcoa will be rolling out a private label national brand equivalent version of the Dr. Teals Sleep Body Lotion with Melatonin, Lavender and Chamomile. Garcoa, a women-owned business, said that lifestyle ingredients like lavender have been used for generations as comfortable, proven and safe solutions for the consumer across many categories, and with this product, retailers can recognize that consumers are looking for alternative remedies to everyday problems such as sleep issues.

Numee face cream

4. Numee Beauty — face cream
Numee Beauty’s Pause Skin Perfecting Whipped Cream face cream helps stimulate collagen
production, minimize the appearance of fine lines, targets blemishes and protects from pollutants. The cream launched in January of 2021, is made from 95% natural ingredients, is vegan and suitable for sensitive skin.

Sesshin face serum

5. Sesshin Cosmetics — skin care
The company’s Radiance Serum for private brands helps skin cell renewal, giving users a more radiant and glowing skin. It’s been a best seller for the company for a few years. The product has more than 95% natural ingredients and integrates a proprietary Cosmetic Drone technology that increases cellular renewal.

Crystal Geyser logo

1. Crystal Geyser Water Co. — teas

Launched in May, Crystal Geyser rolled out plant-based sweetened teas to be a healthier alternative to sugar-sweetened teas and artificial sweetened teas that have zero calories and no sugar. The company said the products carry on its tradition of providing healthy products for private label development.

Dreampak mixes

2. DreamPak — hydration drink mixes
Currently available in select Southern U.S. markets, DreamPak’s Enhanca Hydrate is a concentrated drink mix solution. Two squeezes from the bottle delivers 500mg of electrolytes in a consumer-friendly format. The product is an alternative to stick pack hydration mix competitors, and was launched in September of this year.

KDM logo

3. KDM Global Partners — wine
KDM Global Partners is offering clients the production and bottling of proprietary label wines, as well as direct-to-consumer sales and fulfillment capabilities. KDM can also assist with packaging,
regulatory approvals, delivery and fulfillment, and brand-building. The company has been in business for over 15 years, and assists clients with their branded wine in over 40 states.

Kruger local

4. Krüger North America — coffee capsules
Private label brands in need of certified coffee pods can look to Kruger North America, who is offering aluminum Nespresso compatible capsules. The coffee is available with myriad certifications, like organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Kosher, and is offered in countless
intensity levels and flavor profiles. The capsules were launched in 2021, and is the company’s first
expansion within the coffee category.

Mighty Swell seltzer

5. Mighty Swell — hard seltzers
Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer is looking to shake up the hard seltzer category next March with the release of the new Keep It Weird flavor variety pack, available for private label. The attention-grabbing flavors include Tiger’s Blood, Rocket Pop, Pink Colada and Purple Magic. The 12-pack collection of seltzers will be refreshed yearly to keep the flavors new and exciting, as hard seltzers
continue to innovate the alcohol space.

NSI hydration blend

6. NSI — hydration blend
NSI Group’s Sugar Free Hydration is a powdered blend to be mixed with water with the goal of
hydrating and supporting immunity. The product contains six electrolytes critical to the body (potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride and manganese), and delivers 1,000% the daily recommendation of Vitamin C. Flavored with monk fruit and erythritol, the limeade flavored mix is ideal for private label brands looking to provide customers with a nutritional, on-the-go beverage mix product.

TopPop drink mix

7. Top Pop Alcohol Beverage Co-Packaging — RTD beverage

The company said ready-to-drink alcohol beverages have exploded over the past three years, as
consumers are more adventurous in exploring new flavors and packaging formats. The turnkey company does contract manufacturing of RTD Cocktail Pouches, Alcohol Ice Pops and 6 to 12 oz. Drink Pouches for retailers looking to have more fun in the private label adult beverage space.

Two Trees alcohol

8. Two Trees Beverage — sustainable alcohol
Supplying private label beer, wine and spirits, the company said it delivers time-honored and on-trend barrel-aged taste. The company introduced a Sustainably Matured product that is a solution that solves production and product development issues, while combating climate change and doing
good by saving trees and reducing carbon. As experts in blending grains, and with an endless combination of wood types, Two Trees can bring unique products to market that will add incremental sales.