Product Showcase 2021: Best Sellers in Food

A roundup of new and top-selling products available to retailers for private brands.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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To close out the year, Store Brands set out to present a showcase of exciting new products and best-selling products from prized and emerging private brand suppliers. Submissions could range from services, packaging types, food, nonfood, beverages and more. The goal was to compile options to help retailers grow private brand portfolios.

The compilation of companies that made the list of nonfood and beverage innovations can be found here.

Below are 12 different companies sharing details about food products or solutions for retailers to consider for a private brand rollout or to enhance a private brand program:

Baxters North America

1.Baxters North America — plant-based proteins
Using a variety of legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and pinto beans, Baxters North America expanded its plant-based protein lineup. The heat-and-eat microwavable pouches come in recipes like Indian Style Curry Brown Basmati with Lentils, Chickpea Curry, Moroccan Style
Chickpeas, Cilantro Lime Pinto Beans and more. The pouched bean line debuted in February, a result of data-driven consumer insights from the company.

Custom Bakehouse

2. Custom Bakehouse —baking mixes
For consumers looking for healthier homemade baking options, Custom Bakehouse has released its lineup of plant-based protein baking mixes. The eight mixes include Buttermilk Pancake, Chocolate Chip Pancake, Apple Cinnamon & Oat Muffin, Banana Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie and a no-bake bar. The mixes are low in sugar, high in protein, and free from artificial flavors and preservatives. The line was introduced in the summer of 2021, aiming to meet the nutritional needs of those who love to bake.

Glister-Mary Lee logo

3. Glister-Mary Lee —pizza crust mix

Launching in early 2022, Glister-Mary Lee has developed a cauliflower pizza crust mix that serves as an alternative to frozen crusts. The product is taking advantage of the growing plant-based and health-conscious trends while potentially becoming the first cauliflower crust mix to appear on shelves instead of the frozen section.

dark chocolate

4. Machu Picchu Foods —chocolate
Developed for the vegan market, Machu Picchu introduced a vegan chocolate with rice instead of milk, containing 48% cacao and delivering an aromatic sweet taste with creamy caramel notes. The chocolate bar complements other bars from the company that are sugar-free, keto and more. The manufacturer can modify the vegan option to fit any retailer’s needs.

pasta sauce

5. MCG (Marketing Concepts Group) — pasta products
Popular in the EU for several years, MCG is now bringing its pasta sauces to the United States for private brands, including a Sicilian line of organic sauces made from fresh Sicilian tomatoes and Italian DOP ingredients. The company also is bringing an EU staple stateside in its Past’Adesso quick pasta cups. Consumers simply add boiling water to the cup and stir for a delicious pasta meal in flavors: 4 Cheeses, Arrabbiata, Carbonara and Tomato and Basil.


6. Miners Mix — seasoning
In early 2021, Miners Mix released its Brown Sugar BBQ Kansas Sweaty— a dry rub meant to give meat a traditional Kansas City barbeque flavor. The company also makes a Maynards Memphis BBQ Rub, with a Texas-style BBQ rub soon to be released. The small-batch seasoning blends are award-winning and 100% natural, per the company.

Nut butter

7. Nooty — nut butter

Nooty’s squeezable hazelnut butter is a high-protein snack aimed at providing healthy fats and proteins on the go. The squeezable package was launched in late February of 2020, and the product is made with natural ingredients. Nooty’s hazelnut butter is high in fats, amino acids and proteins that are easily absorbed and processed by the body.

cauliflower rice blend

8. Northern Quinoa Production Corp. — grain blend

For a healthy, low-carb grain option, Northern Quinoa’s cilantro lime quinoa and riced cauliflower blend fits the bill. The grain blend is an alternative to rice, and is a good source of fiber and protein. Northern Quinoa’s quinoa and cauliflower blend comes as interest in plant-based alternatives has grown in popularity over the past few years.

soda crackers

9. Rovira — soda crackers
Rovira Foods’ whole grain soda crackers are the latest in the company’s portfolio. The product was released last January, and a box contains eight packs. The soda crackers contain zero cholesterol and trans fats, making them a healthy snack option.

sardines in box

10. Season Brand — sardines
Season’s skinless and boneless sardines are a sustainably sourced, non-GMO seafood item that is packed with health benefits. These sardines for private brands come in 100% olive oil and are rich in Omega-3s, protein and vitamin D. The product can be enjoyed as a snack or an ingredient in a main course. The packaged sardines are Season’s best-selling item in the
United States across all categories.

hot pepper bacon jam

11. Terrapin Ridge Farms — jam
A hot and sweet item to spice up dinners or a snack and broaden a private brand portfolio, Terrapin Ridge Farms launched its Hot Pepper Bacon Jam five years ago and it soon became its signature product. It sells more than any other product that the company owner has seen in her 25-plus years in the industry. The jam has a smokey and sweet flavor with real bacon pieces.


12. Virginia Diner — peanuts
Launched in March 2021, Virginia Diner’s gourmet, extra large peanuts dusted with a tangy taco, cilantro and lime seasoning has become its number one product. With extra large Virginia peanuts, it’s available for own brands looking for on-trend flavor and superior quality, per the company.