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The private brand pet food category carries a big bite, making up more than 10% of the pet food category, and taking in $1.6 billion in total U.S. sales of supermarkets, drug chains and mass merchants, according to a Nielsen and Private Label Manufacturers Association study a few years ago. That number’s likely grown, taking into account the success the private brand sector has been enjoying as of late.

It also doesn’t factor in the success private brands are having in pet stores. Online retailer Chewy increased its store brand assortment by 80% last year and it helped drive a sales increase of 40%. Pet Supplies Plus, based in Livonia, Mich., is the third largest specialty pet food retailer and it leans on its private label, too. 

In a Chicago location, the first endcap that greets a shopper is one for its Redford Naturals dog food and down the aisle the food is given significant space. The brand is nicely organized by its various grain-free formulas and it gets a nice graphic to run along the top of the inline section. The store was very clean and all of the Redford Naturals merchandising fit beautifully within it, clearly coming off as a premium brand in the store.


Whereas Store Brands in the Wild saw Publix promote its Greenwise brand on a billboard, the store also nicely amps up its private brand presence. Mike Troy of Retail Leader found this aisle-stopper that almost challenges shoppers to a Greenwise hunt in-store, touting interesting products such as Chocolatey Toasted Coconut Chips and Turkey Meatballs.

The two-sided stanchion is positioned right in the aisle to stop traffic and engage with the retailer’s coveted store brand. It's more great merchandising from Publix, Lakeland, Fla., around its refreshed Greenwise private brand.

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