Kum & Go seeks healthy food suppliers through RangeMe

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Convenience chain Kum & Go is partnering with the sourcing platform RangeMe to discover new suppliers to work with and broaden its assortment of healthier food and drink options.

Other c-stores like Casey’s and Yesway have partnered with the platform from ECRM, the former retailer specifically looking to build up its private brand offerings. Walmart, too, launched an event with RangeMe to source store brand suppliers and more.

Stephanie Poitry, senior category manager, Kum & Go told Store Brands, "we are definitely open to suppliers that may be a fit for our owned brands. This is probably an area where we would use a sourcing campaign."

For Kum & Go, who in June named a new chief marketing officer with an aim on using digital tools to broaden the chain’s food choices, the partnership with RangeMe is to bolster its assortment to offer healthy, convenient and affordable food and beverages. 

"Our customers are striving to feel and do better every day," said Poitry. "We are continually evaluating our assortment to ensure we are offering the products that are keeping up with our customer's evolving wants and needs. Our partnership with RangeMe is an exciting step forward on our journey to make healthy food convenient for everyone."

The platform brings to Kum & Go a look at more than 175,000 suppliers to enhance the products it offers in its 400 stores. The retailer said it will be using RangeMe’s selective and specific search criteria to find suppliers that meet the types of products they’re looking to add to the store. 

"Kum & Go is dedicated to pleasing customers through its product mix of original and high-quality items," said Nicky Jackson, chief executive officer, RangeMe. "And RangeMe is here to help make the process of finding and perfecting that mix easier for everyone."

Kum & Go’s stores are located in 11 states including Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming and more. It was first established in 1959.