Fuchs mashes up flavors in seasoning line

The Mouthwatering Mashups Collection twists and plays with sweet and savory flavorings for baked goods to proteins.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Fuchs North America has released a line of seasonings that turn sweet goods to savory and savory goods to sweet.

The seasonings can be used on baked goods, fruit, dips and proteins and the company produces the line for private label development or as a starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice operators looking to develop their own signature spice.

The Baltimore-based company calls the latest line the Mouthwatering Mashups Collection, and it follows a spring release of hemp-inspired seasonings. There are four new blends in the collection: Chili Cheese Monkey Bread; Red Pepper & Lime Tingle Seasoning; Buffalo Chicken Tikka Masala Dip; and Essence of Citrus Finishing Salt.

“Since the pandemic began, consumers have been looking for unique and experience-driven flavors,” said Shannon Cushen, Fuchs’ director of marketing. “After analyzing industry flavor trends, we innovated to introduce an exciting mouthfeel experience, unique taste combinations, and more. Our newest collection pushes the envelope; we experimented with new ingredients, focused on creating multicultural combinations, and put a modern twist on classics."

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The Chili Cheese Monkey Bread Seasoning takes a sweet dessert and transforms it to a savory pull-apart bread. With a red chili pepper base, this seasoning is slightly spicy and made from  biscuits, the seasoned bread is filled with creamy cheese to balance the heat.  

The Buffalo Chicken Tikka Masala Dip mix brings two global cuisines together in a creamy, hot dip. It mashes up Indian spices with spicy chicken buffalo. The Red Pepper & Lime Tingle Seasoning uses beta-alanine to create a numbing and tingling feeling on the tongue and in the cheeks. Along with the mouthfeel, it has a combination of New Mexican Red Chili’s acid, lime, and salt to create a spicy citrus taste that compliments refreshing watermelon and juicy mango. Lastly, the Essence of Orange Finishing Salt is a topical salt that is applied after the protein has been cooked. It features a combination of natural orange juices, chopped cilantro, and extra virgin olive oil with a sweet and salty finish.