Favorite Day, Mondo Llama in stores

Store Brands in the Wild blog looks at sweet merchandising for Favorite Day, Mondlo Llama, and an Aldi Instagram post.
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Target has been on a tear with its private brand releases this year, including a recent pledge to include them in a more sustainable future, and reporting record growth in its Q1 call.

Two of those recent releases received impressive merchandising treatment in stores. A colleague at the Path to Purchase Institute, a sister brand of Store Brands under the retail publications umbrella of EnsembleIQ, spotted displays for the new Favorite Day launch and the Mondo Llama brand.

Mondo Llama launched in March, the chain’s first-ever store brand in the crafts category, and the retailer supported the products with an eye-catching endcap that exudes creativity and getting crafty. The 3-D Mondo Llama logo jumps off the endcap and it appears to be heavily merchandised from three sides.

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In the same location, a table in the bakery and refrigerated section positioned the new Favorite Day cookies and bakery items. The three tiers of tables nicely stack the items and simple graphics support, promoting the exclusivity of the items, and “a little bliss in every bite” recalls the indulgent nature of the snacks. The brand launched in March with more than 700 products including packaged Favorite Day items down snacks aisles and in the cold vault.

Both displays were found in a Target in Champaign, Ill.

Aldi on Instagram
During a leisurely scroll through Instagram, Aldi appeared promoting the “modern design” and “new products” of its exclusive lines including Simply Nature and Live G Free brands.

The retailer is a darling on the platform, where influencers like to share finds, but this was an interesting ad placed to spotlight a “newly refreshed” Aldi.

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