Crispbreads get packaging upgrade

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Dr. Karg’s, based in Schwabach, Germany, is relaunching its crispbread products in 2021 with a handier, more sustainable packaging solution.

The company produces six traditional and nine organic varieties of its crispbread specialties and each will come in a label-integrated, reseal function on the packaging, among other benefits.

The packaging, for example, is shorter and will save about 30% of plastic foil usage and comes with the sealing clip. The mono-material packaging helps increase the packaging’s recyclability, too, and with the label-integrated opening and resealing function, Dr. Karg’s said the slices of product can be removed out of the bag easier and stored easier.

The overall packages will be smaller and more compact. The company is introducing the packages and line-up of its crispbreads for private label use; the snacks are perfect for breakfast, dinner or an in-between meal, the company said.