Consumers to vote this month on their favorite Albertsons Own Brand items

First-ever social poll with Buzzfeed follows the retailer’s store brand favorites contest as chosen by associates.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Albertsons is asking for consumers to vote for their favorite own brand products this month, rolling out a social media campaign and poll with Buzzfeed. The first-ever “Fresh Picks Product Awards”  program from the company pulls together some of the top-rated customer-reviewed private brand products to be voted on, with winners including a favorite overall product being named in January 2022.

In February, the retailer had its associates select their favorite private brand products, with the most coveted item being its Signature Reserve Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. That premium treat is up again in the contest, paired with a bouquet of Debi Lilly Design Flowers, under the best “Treat Yourself” combo of products.

Albertsons has more than 12,000 Own Brands products in its portfolio, including store brands Lucerne, Open Nature, Signature Reserve, O Organics and more. Store Brands awarded Albertsons its Retailer of the Year recognition last year, going deep into how the retailer innovates around its Own Brand products and the team behind them.

The Fresh Picks Product Awards voting period is open now until Oct. 30, and consumers can vote for four nominees in seven categories. Once the winners are named, consumers will be able to access the winners via special loyalty offers, through recipes and other promotions. Consumers can go here to vote and follow updates on Albertsons social media accounts.

A breakdown of the  products and categories under consideration by Albertsons shoppers in the Fresh Picks Product Awards include:

  • Treat Yourself Combo: For the moments when you deserve that special combination to treat yourself, these product pairs are perfect. 
    • Signature Select Cheesecakes + Headsnapper Prosecco 
    • Primo Taglio Cheese + Open Nature Pita Chips  
    • Signature Reserve Sea Salt Caramels + Debi Lilly design flowers 
    • Signature Select Ice cream + Cookies (specifically the cookies baked in-store) 
  • Go-To Easy Meal: When you’re running short on time and need to get a delicious, but quick meal on the table 
    • Open Nature Savory Skillets Meals 
    • Signature Select Pasta & Sauce 
    • WaterfrontBistro Shrimp 
    • Signature Cafe Rotisserie Chicken 
  • Good For You Favorite: Select products that are good and good for you 
    • O Organics or Open Nature Plant-based Patties and Grinds 
    • Open Nature Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza 
    • Open Nature Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts  
    • O Organics Salads and Veggies 
  • Grab-And-Go: On the go snacks that are your go-to 
    • Signature Farms snacking tomatoes  
    • O Organics Trail Mix 
    • O Organics Popcorn 
    • Open Nature High Protein Cheese Crisps 
  • Kid Favorites: Kid and parent approved products that will ensure your kids are satisfied 
    • Lucerne Family Size Cheese  
    • O Organics Applesauce Pouches 
    • O Organics Chocolate Milk Chugs  
    • Signature Select Mac & Cheese 
  • Breakfast Nosh: The perfect morning kick-start products for the most important meal of the day 
    • Open Nature and Organics Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives (Open Natural Almond Milk, O Organics Soy) 
    • Signature Select Bacon  
    • O Organics Cage Free Eggs 
    • Open Nature Granola 
  • Adult Bevvy: Products reserved for only the adults 
    • Signature Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 
    • Soleil Sparkling Water 
    • O Organics Coffee 
    • O Organics Italian Soda