Consumers Desire Sustainable Packaging Options, Per Report

A new report from Shorr Packaging shows that consumers are more likely to repeat purchases and switch to brands that offer sustainably packaged products.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Sustainable packaging data

Shorr Packaging has released a new report that found a majority of consumers are seeking sustainable packaging options from the retailers they buy their favorite products from.

The 2022 Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report found that 76% of the shoppers surveyed have made a conscious effort to purchase more sustainable products in the past year, and 86% of the consumers surveyed are more likely to purchase a product from a brand or retailer if the packaging is considered sustainable.

“Shorr is committed to helping brands innovate their packaging to meet the growing demand,” said the company. “This report illustrates how consumers are currently thinking about sustainable packaging and showcases how purchasing decisions are being impacted by a product’s sustainability – creating opportunities for brands to win market share by augmenting their packaging.”

64% of respondents said that sustainable packaging is a factor in their product selection process, 59% said they have consciously chosen to purchase certain products over others due to products having sustainable packaging or not, and 47% said they have switched to a new brand because they offer sustainable packaging.

When it comes to industries consumers believe are doing a good job using sustainable packaging, food/packaged goods and beauty/cosmetics products top the list with 59% and 42% respectively. Alcohol/wine, auto and toys/games are at the bottom of the list, with each category earning less than 20%.

The full report from Shorr can be found here.