Confitex shows off period underwear

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Confitex Technology, an undergarments company based in New Zealand and Hong Kong that specializes in absorbent textile technology to fight against leaks, have launched new “period underwear” for the private label space during Private Label Week.

The company’s undergarments come with a patented 100% leakproof and absorbent textile technology that does not use a layer of polyurethane plastic that most products of its kind use, according to the company.

The products offer fully waterproof protection from leaks and are eco-conscious without the use of that plastic. 

“Because there's no plastic layer to warp and distort when heated, the fabric can be moulded, stitched and heat sealed without jeopardizing its leakproof performance,” the company said in a show announcement. “And a major bonus for the consumer is that they can safely throw their period pants in the tumble dryer, without worrying about the plastic layer shrinking, distorting and losing its leakproof properties."