Catching cough-cold units in the field

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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’Tis the season to catch a cold or worse so it’s no surprise retailers are stocking up on medicine displays. However, one interesting find this week is a display at the one location where germs likely spread the most — the airport.


Walmart — Cough-cold display
Found in the Action Alley of a Walmart in Tampa, Fla., Walmart heavily stocked this island display with its equate brand of health products, including double-packaged bottles of syrups, and boxes of cold and cough OTC meds.

The bold signage interestingly calls out the traditional private label price play, enabling shoppers to buy these private brand products “for less than national brands.” The price promotion is possibly still more common in the drug category, where knockoff drugs for less have a deeper history than other categories, as opposed to promoting a private brand product based on performance and quality alone.

Retail Leader’s Mike Troy spotted this display.


CVS — Vending machine

A brilliant move by CVS, this vending machine was spotted in LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York, enticing travelers to pick up preventative medicines, OTC relief meds, and of course other travel-based staples that a person might need in a pinch or forgot to pack like razors, tampons, condoms, earbuds, lip balm and 5 Hour Energy. 

Mixed with popular national brands, the display carries several CVS Health store brand products. It's also likely not a coincidence that the CVS Health offerings take up the brunt of the top three shelves of the unit that are at the eye-sight of a user at the vending machine, as opposed to the tougher to see bottom rows.

The unit was found by an editor at The Path to Purchase Institute. The association has more than 3,000 images from CVS alone for members to take advantage of, as well as in-depth retailer profiles.

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