Catalina, GSTV partner to measure impact of gas pump ads

Shopping intelligence firm Catalina has partnered with GSTV to measure the effectiveness of gas pump digital ads, providing an opportunity for fuel retailers to better market their private label products.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Shopper intelligence firm Catalina and video network GSTV have partnered to measure the effectiveness of digital ads on fuel pumps, including for gas station retailers with own brand and foodservice selections.

Catalina will provide the measurement metrics that demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising on GSTV to help retailers and brands more effectively optimize the impact of specific GSTV ads on in-store sales. The partnership is the latest of many moves Catalina has made this year, such as recently launching its Catalina Compass banner. Catalina recently shared numbers about private label cough and cold medicine sales in a Store Brand exclusive.

GSTV’s digital video platform drives engagement with active and mobile consumers each day at more than 26,000 fuel retailer sites across the U.S., connecting with more than 96 million unique viewers each month. GSTV reaches grocers’ most valuable shoppers with those who fuel up before visiting a grocery store spending 2.4 times more on groceries than those who hadn’t just fueled up. GSTV says the average viewer spends up to 3.9 times more on products at stores that are a regular part of their consumer journey within three hours of visiting a gas station. 

To contribute to the new partnership, Catalina has been beefing up its Digital Out of Home (DOOH) capabilities in recent months, adding it as part of their omnichannel media strategy and using their data insights to support innovative new targeting and measurement solutions, which retailers can use to better leverage their own brands. 

“GSTV is a unique waypoint in the shopper journey, making it a valuable component to an advertiser’s retail media strategy,” said Tiffany Southwell, VP of out of home media at Catalina. “Working together, we will help retailers and brands close the measurement loop and accurately assess and optimize the impact of specific GSTV ads on actual in-store sales. With Catalina’s data insights and precise measurement capabilities, GSTV will be able to optimize the performance of their campaigns and persuade more retailers and brands to seamlessly and efficiently incorporate GSTV into their broader media strategies.”

The companies provided an early example of the partnership at work: a recent campaign for a major ice cream brand drove a +17.3% sales lift among the GSTV-exposed audience, with incremental sales yielding a return-on-ad-spend of $5.37. 46% of buyers responding were new to the brand.

“Reaching the c-store shopper via GSTV is valuable for brands not only because of the network’s proven ability to drive sales at c-store, but also because c-store shoppers spend a lot more on promoted items in other retail channels,” said Eric Z. Sherman, EVP of insights & analytics at GSTV. “Catalina’s Shopper ID Graph spans more than 109 million households and 1.9 billion digital ad IDs. Thanks to the depth of their shopper intelligence, Catalina can provide unique audience-level insights and prove shoppers make purchases as a direct result of the ads they saw on GSTV."