Catalina Gives Update on Predicted Hot CPG Categories

The shopper intelligence firm reported that since 2020, several categories are living up to the predicted growth.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Shopper intelligence leader Catalina has released new research that shows how CPG categories predicted to boom during the decade are faring now.

In early 2020, the firm released a study projecting that CBD products, plant-based products, and premium pet food would rank among the decade's hottest-selling CPG categories. 2.5 years later, the categories are still doing well.

"We regularly take these deep dives into shopping data to help our retailer and CPG customers better understand what makes their shoppers tick, how their purchase behavior is evolving, and what products they are buying across other categories,” said Sean Murphy, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Catalina. “In fact, our platform contains over 1,700 audiences allowing us to help formulate precise and targeted marketing messages that measurably drive sales.”

Catalina reported that CBD products will continue to grow, with more product launches likely to happen in the beverage category. Due to increased availability of CBD products online and in dispensaries, there has been a shift away from purchasing these products at retail stores.

oat milk

Unsurprisingly, the market for plant-based products has continued to grow since 2020. Shoppers are favoring oat milk over alternatives such as almond, coconut or pea milk. Many plant-based product consumers are either ‘flexitarian’ or members of households that enjoy animal-based products based on data that shows their shopping carts often include cheese and items that contain meat.

As the offerings in the premium pet category have expanded, refrigerated/frozen dog food sales have grown. In looking at their shopping carts, buying more cleaning supplies continues to go hand-in-hand with pet ownership.

Finally, the alcoholic beverage category saw a shift in the last two years. Consumers are opting more for pre-mixed cocktails and low or non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits, coming at the expense of the traditional wine, beer, spirits, and seltzer categories. Catalina’s data shows that adult beverage shoppers enjoy entertaining and are twice as likely to buy products that make it easy to serve a crowd, whether they are paired with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.