2 suppliers in China pumping out private brand hand sanitizer

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Two companies based in China have expanded production of its hand sanitizer products for retailers globally to use under their store brands, as shortages of hand sanitizers continue to occur during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BeCleanse and SomCosmetic are manufacturers that have both been around just over 10 years. BeCleanse has earned Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals for various hand sanitizers and can build custom orders. The company’s sanitizers contain 75% alcohol content and use moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin. 

“There is a severe shortage of alcohol in many countries today, and our way of helping is to supply hand sanitizers that contain enough alcohol content to make them a great alternative when washing hands is not convenient,” a representative of the company said.

SomCosmetic manufactures hand sanitizer gels in 300 ml or 500 ml sizes and can be customized to meet any requirements a retailer’s store brand requests. That includes packaging containers and labels. The sanitizers can be waterless and customize the alcohol content.

SomCosmetic has also met FDA requirements.