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COVID-19 Coverage

From the Frontlines: Looking beyond the virus

Manufacturers of private brand products speak on how they’re preparing for business after the coronavirus crisis

2 suppliers in China pumping out private brand hand sanitizer

Two assist with global shortages, BeCleanse and SomCosmetic have expanded production of hand sanitizers for store brands

To fight food insecurity during COVID-19, Amazon donated $100 million

Two new initiatives help feed children who lost school meals and give gift cards to food banks

Target, Trader Joe’s limit guest traffic, others institute one-way shopping

Temperature checks of store associates, eliminating promotions to decentivize traffic are some new steps being taken by retailers in this updated list of Store Brands’ retailer roundup

Hand sanitizer sales were up 63% for the week ending March 28, compared to nearly 193% the week before

Critical responders in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic earn a 5% discount on all purchases of private label products at its various stores

FMI, team up to find the right talent for retailers looking to staff up during COVID-19

Part of a list of new safety measures the company has put in place to help its “shoppers” manage coronavirus conditions, hopefully prevent strike

Appreciation pay, increased hiring, social distancing in stores, every retailer is doing its part during the coronavirus pandemic; here’s a bulleted list of who’s doing what so far

Millions of masks, temperature checks part of Amazon's new changes, as some employees say company not doing enough to keep employees safe during COVID-19

Hardware wholesaler rolling out hand sanitizer in April, producing cleaning products, too

Days after announcing new benefits, the company has followed up with sourcing its own COVID-19 health kits with masks, sanitizer and thermometers

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