Aldi intros vaccination plan for employees

To ensure that workers aren't worried about losing pay if they choose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Aldi will cover costs associated with vaccine administration and will provide employees with two hours of pay for each dose they receive, up to four hours total, as well as scheduling flexibility for salaried employees.

"Since the onset of the pandemic, our entire Aldi team has worked to keep stores safe and stocked, and serve communities without interruption," said Jason Hart, CEO, Aldi U.S. "Providing accommodations so employees can receive this critical vaccine is one more way we can support them and eliminate the need to choose between earning their wages and protecting their well-being."

The retailer continues to work with government and health care officials to do its part to reduce exposure to COVID-19 as it explores ways to enhance vaccine accessibility. For example, Aldi will implement on-site vaccination clinics at its warehouse and office locations to make sure that its employees have easy access to the vaccine.

The food retailer has also implemented a number of safety measures to protect its employees as well as its millions of monthly customers. For instance, intensified cleanings are conducted throughout its stores, with an added focus on high-touch areas and carts. Customers and employees are also required to wear properly fitting face coverings. Additionally, vulnerable shoppers are encouraged to shop during dedicated times on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

News of Aldi removing obstacles for its employees to access the vaccine follows similar moves by other companies, like San Francisco-based Instacart introducing a Vaccine Support Stipend and Goodlettsville, Tenn.-based Dollar General’s financial assistance to make it easier for its front-line workers to get vaccinated.