Which Retailers Have the Best Private Label Penetration of Cinco De Mayo Ingredients?

New research from Dataweave shows the retailers are best prepared for private label success ahead of the holiday.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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A new study from Dataweave shows which retailers have the highest private brand penetration of Mexican ingredients ahead of Cinco De Mayo. 

The group reviewed eight retailer websites and 11 popular ‘Cinco De Mayo’ keywords used to see which brands are expected to come out on top for page 1 search results this holiday. Celebrated in Mexico to honor a military victory over the French, consumers in the U.S. largely celebrate with their favorite Mexican foods.

A March study from the market research group showed that inflation had a large impact on growing private label, with grocery categories with the highest inflation seeing the most private label penetration.

When it comes to private label items for Cinco De Mayo, Target, Walmart and Safeway were the retailers with the most projected private brand penetration. The highest penetration of private labels in search results for Target was refried beans. Safeway and Target saw high penetration in the salsa category as well.


Private brands Cinco De Mayo

In the alcohol category, only Sam's Club's Members Mark brand showed up for private label search results penetration, showing a promotion of own brand beer from the retailer.