Trilogy Labs delivers private label home spa kits

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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For many spas, salons and offices of skincare specialists, the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered services closed or caused a decline in customers as some may not be willing to visit in person. Trilogy Laboratories, however, has developed a private brand home facial kit that those businesses can send to their consumers and clients.

The spa world is a bit fringe of traditional retail, although Trilogy works with those retailers on its skincare private label products, too, yet it faces quite a challenge during the pandemic. Trilogy Laboratories, Fort Myers, Fla., developed the private label home kit to help spas continue to connect with consumers while away. Trilogy has a private brand line called Azul, and last month launched a private brand hand mask product meant to soothe skin irritated by too much hand washing and sanitizing during the pandemic.

The Botanical Home Facial kit is sent to a customer’s house and includes a four-step treatment suitable for all skin types. Products in the kit consist of a botanical gel cleanser with green tea, a blueberry alpha hydroxy acid peel with mandelic acid and enzymes, a magic moisture hydrating mask, a green tea moisturizer with aloe, cucumber and calendula extracts, a cosmetic bag, a foundation brush (to apply peel), and a terry cloth hair band.

"Many of the spas we work with are looking for a way to continue to stay connected and care for their clients' skin during these challenging times,” said Kristen Flaharty, PharmD, founder of Trilogy Laboratories. “We've developed a luxurious home kit to provide some much-needed pampering until in-office treatments become routine again.”

Trilogy Laboratories has been in business since 2014, providing turn-key private labeling of luxury skincare products. From packaging to graphic design, Trilogy can help retailers create a skincare line using premium medical-grade skincare products.

The company’s manufacturing facility is an entirely self-contained cosmetic and OTC-registered production facility.