TricorBraun introduces compostable flexible package

The packaging, an upgrade of an earlier version, can be used for specialty food and snack items, pet treats, nutraceuticals and other non-coffee products.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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TricorBraun Flex, the flexible packaging division of TricorBraun, has introduced a fully-compostable, plant-based packaging material made from renewable and compostable resources such as wood and pulp.

Own brand manufacturers can use the packaging source for specialty food and snack items, pet treats, nutraceuticals and other non-coffee products, according to the Seattle-based company. TricorBraun Flex calls the package Biotre 3.0, as it’s a revamped version of its Biotre package, and said the package can reduce the amount of packaging in waste disposal because it breaks down naturally in a home composting environment. The Biotre 3.0 package also preserves natural resources by reducing the use of fossil fuel and mineral resources.

“Since we first developed Biotre in 2011, we’ve continually worked to improve it to provide our customers with packaging options that protect both product and planet,” said Glenn Sacco, vice president, commercial, TricorBraun Flex. “We’re proud to provide customers seeking sustainable solutions with the latest and most complete Biotre version, fully-compostable and plant-based.” 

Store Brands recently published a packaging report that showed sustainability and better-for-the-earth packages have been driving innovation in packaging.

The new version of Biotre is an industrial compostable in compliance with the ASTM D6868 testing standard for compostable plastics coated with paper. A majority of the package’s film layers are made from renewable, plant-based materials; these components absorb greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to use in packaging. The package is made from high barrier materials, preventing the permeation of water, oil, oxygen, gas, or light. Biotre 3.0 can be disposed of in curbside composting bins.