Sustainable, plastic-free lip balm tube hits the market

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Eco Lips, a large independent organic lip balm manufacturer, has developed what it says is the first environmentally sustainable lip balm tube that is made entirely from plants and is 100% free of plastics, 

The company said the tube feels and functions like a plastic tube vessel. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Eco Lips produces Fair Trade Certified lip care products using 100% renewable energy, producing products under its brand name as well as for private label and contract manufacturing. The plastic-free packaging takes its eco-focus to a new level..

The company calls its eco-tube Plant Pod and they say it’s launching at a moment when consumers are looking for more plant-based products.

"Eco Lips doesn't give lip service to sustainability — we live it every day, from our organic and fair trade ingredient sourcing, manufacturing running on 100% renewable energy, and now our new 100% plastic-free packaging, we're truly 'eco' in every sense of the word," said Steve Shriver, founder and CEO of Eco Lips. 

Some Eco Lips branded products with the plant-based tube are available online now and going to retail stores in the months ahead, and is being evaluated for private brand and contract manufacturing opportunities in the fall, the company told Store Brands.

"With the absence of plastic and fossil fuel-based ingredients, we are dramatically reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing the production and disposal of plastic," Shriver said. "Not to mention, because plants absorb CO2 before harvest, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This move not only aligns with our values as a company but satisfies the ever-growing demand for environmentally conscious products."