Supplement producer creates immune-boosting chewables

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Anlit rolled out three new immune-boosting chewable supplements in its VitaBites form, a probiotic, zinc and elderberry dietary supplement. The company said the gummies and chewable formats the company produces are tailored for private label.

"Much of our efforts at Anlit are dedicated to bringing more appeal to the daily supplement routine for kids, adults, seniors and other pill-fatigued consumers," says David Gabbay, vice president of marketing at Anlit, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. "We also strive to encourage the intake of concentrated doses of essential nutrients by children. These new products come in a variety of flavors to address these different consumers' preferences."

The probiotic bite item includes native chicory inulin for digestive support with additional options to customize and include vitamin C and D, and zinc. The product addresses respiratory and common cold-associated symptoms, including fever and cough.

The zinc bites come in blister packs of 23 mg zinc citrates with sambuca; elderberry chewables contain 50 mg sambuca and 10 mg of zinc. Both have options to add vitamin C and D. Zinc is a supplement used to relieve cold symptoms. Black elderberry extracts can be used to reduce the severity and length of types of influenza.

All of the chewables come in either chocolate, vanilla or fruit-flavored and are non-GMO, gluten- and trans fat-free, plus certified kosher and halal.