Store brands in the wild

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Store brands in the wild

By Dan Ochwat - 01/02/2020

Anyone working in retail is often tasked with simply walking a store. With that spirit in mind, Store Brands wants to share what they’re seeing from private brands in stores and online out in the field.

It's an omnichannel world, so examples might include a freestanding display found down an aisle, or a larger category set, or perhaps an e-commerce brand page. 

Every Friday, Store Brands will share an image or two of what’s been spotted, and just as that store walk is supposed to, hopefully it will inspire you to see different types of products, flavor profiles, packaging designs, and methods of merchandising and marketing.



7-Eleven, 24/7

This week in the field is a floorstand from 7-Eleven that supports the chain's brand new 24/7 private brand.

In early December, the retailer announced the new line that includes electronics accessories, paper products, OTC drugs, and non-food items. It’s an effort to cleanly break the non-food private brand items from the food and snack items under the 7-Select name.

The floor display here showcases the 24/7 Life logo and a spread of medicines to help consumers with the “Relief You Need,” as the signage says. The display was spotted in a location in Arlington Heights, Ill.


Walgreens, Nice

Staying down the c-store track, here’s a shelf sign in Walgreens promoting new flavors of Nice chocolate almonds. The shelf signage appears to be operated as part of the SmartSource network and was found in a store in Cambridge, Minn.

The clean look and colors of the signage are striking down the aisle, which helps promote the more premium nature of the products.

For more private label merchandising images, members of the Path to Purchase Institute are given access to an image vault that contains thousands of images. The two above this week are courtesy of the Path to Purchase Institute, an affiliate of Store Brands.

Additionally, if any readers want to share images of private brand displays, merchandising set ups and more that they've found, send them my way to [email protected].

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