SimpleHealth introduces 1st OTC line for private label

The company with a history of producing birth control and other prescription medicines has three new OTC supplements that support women’s health.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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SimpleHealth, a telehealth provider of women’s reproductive wellness, has launched three over-the-counter supplements for private label. It’s the company’s first foray into OTC products.

The New York-based company operates in 32 states, offering birth control, herpes and cold sore treatment medicine and other prescription medicines. The new dietary supplements for private brand development include: The Daily 5, a daily multivitamin, Urinary Tract Support, a cranberry pill supplement for urinary tract health; and Probiotic Blend, a supplement designed to improve gut health.

The line of three supplements was developed in partnership with Dr. Amy Shah, a double board-certified medical doctor (internal medicine, immunology) and a wellness expert specializing in women’s wellness, hormones, food allergies and gut health. 

"When we sat down with our team and product development specialists, one of our main goals was to ensure that we delivered excellent nutritional support for women—and did so at a great value," said Carrie SiuButt, CEO of SimpleHealth. "Once we identified the product offering that delivered on the needs of our SimpleHealth community, it was important to ensure that these best-in-class products were developed using high-quality and premium ingredients that deliver nutritional support at affordable prices."

More on the SimpleHealth line:

  • The Daily 5 — formulated to support cellular function, the immune system, and energy supply, contains vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B (6 and 12), folate, magnesium, and zinc — which can benefit women taking birth control pills;
  • Urinary Tract Support — formulated with 500 mg of cranberry extract to support urinary tract health as proactive protection against UTIs;
  • Probiotic Blend — formulated with 30 billion CFUs and 12 probiotic strains to improve women's gut microbiome.

"For The Daily 5, we combined a smaller group of vitamins that research shows are vital to women's wellness. I firmly believe that women shouldn't be taking excess vitamins—more is not always better, and there is a lot of dangerous misinformation out there. The Urinary Tract Support supplement is a little more targeted, as it offers proactive protection against UTIs, which commonly occur in sexually active women,” Shah said of the supplements. "The beauty of the Probiotic Blend is that it was designed to support both gut health and vaginal health. Microbiomes are all over our bodies — our skin, our vagina, and our GI tract. This was created with two probiotic strains specific to supporting vaginal and gut health."