Sam’s Club celebrates store brands with the Griswold’s home

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Sam’s Club is out to make sure consumers have “the hap-hap-happiest” holiday season yet, drawing inspiration from the Griswold family home in the quotable and beloved film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” The retailer has created a virtual experience of the lit-up home where shoppers can tour its many rooms and shop for store brand decorations, foods and national brand gift ideas directly from the Sam’s Club site.

A large portion of the items presented throughout the virtual experience are under its Member’s Mark private brand, particularly decorations like wreaths, Christmas trees and lights. There’s also a dining room with a massive spread of Member’s Mark foods for a holiday dinner.


Shoppers can visit the virtual home and first select between two styles to view, "Golden Glow” or “Colorful Christmas.” Each style show’s the house decorated in a different manner, one with white lights and white reindeer, another with colorful lights and lawn decorations — all Member’s Mark decorations at varying price points. The products have mini buttons that a viewer can click to receive a pop-up window with more information and there’s also a “Buy Now” button that directs a shopper right to Sam’s Club’s site to buy.


As consumers enter the house, they can toggle around to visit different rooms — again each room has a choice of two views to see various decoration styles and gifts to choose from. 

Under the the Christmas trees in the house are branded products of popular gift ideas. Other buttons in the virtual experience provide trivia from the popular movie or sound effects, and as consumers tour the experience they will notice bits from the movie like spotting Cousin Eddie's hat and more.