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Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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After taking a few weeks off, Kroger’s innovative at-home and social media meetup program — centered around its beloved own brands — has come out of the bullpen to celebrate the return of baseball.

The Kroger Social Social baseball kit is deep with activities, and drink and food recipes utilizing Kroger private labe portfolio, which it has dubbed “Our Brands."

The baseball party is culminating with a Facebook meetup at 4 p.m., local time, Aug. 8, where consumers can share photos and creations with each other in a safe virtual party.

The store brand items highlighted in the kit included a shout-out to Kroger brand roasted peanuts, a staple for watching any baseball game as well as items from the Private Selection, Simple Truth and Kroger brands to use in six drink and food recipes.

Some standouts in the recipe set included:

  • Grand Slam Sundae — an indulgent dish calling for ice cream flavors such as Private Selection Churro Ice Cream and Kroger Watermelon Chocolate Chip to serve with Kroger Waffle Bowls, Private Selection Fudge Dessert Topping and various Kroger toppings;
  • Batter Up! Corn Dogs — using Private Selection all-beef hot dogs made with beef brisket, Simple Truth cage-free eggs and a list of Kroger brand ingredients like flour, sugar, corn meal and more;
  • Slugger Slushies — an alcoholic drink using vodka, Kroger White Cranberry Strawberry Flavored Juice Cocktail, Private Selection frozen strawberries, Kroger Frozen Limeade Concentrate and Kroger seltzer water.

The activities in the kit included a baseball-themed maze, a build-your-own pennant, a game like pin the tail on the donkey but with baseballs and a glove, and social photo challenges around dressing up in favorite baseball team gear or at your favorite baseball stadium.

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