One town’s cry for a Trader Joe’s

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One town’s cry for a Trader Joe’s

By Dan Ochwat - 12/09/2019
The Goodyear, Ariz. Facebook page

The Arizona town of Goodyear, with a population just shy of 80,000, wants a Trader Joe’s. In fact, some residents even formed a campaign to get one under the “We Want Trader Joe’s” effort they’re spreading on social media networks and on physical billboards along Interstate 10 in the area, according to an article in The Daily Independent.

Going one step further, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord is officially making Dec. 13 “We Want Trader Joe’s Day,” expecting to read a proclamation that morning to designate the day in honor of the Trader Joe’s request. Residents can join the mayor at the event and sign an informal petition for Trader Joe’s to come to Goodyear, but also have access to tablets to file an official request to the city.  While there are certainly many consumers around the country hoping for a favorite retailer to join their communities, that’s not quite breaking news. The fact that residents went far enough to develop a campaign for Trader Joe’s, a retailer with a reputation for fanatical fans, does make the article an interesting blip on the private label radar.

It’s also interesting to see a grocer, and a private branded one at that, carry enough interest and care to get the mayor to act on it. The social activity from residents include their own Facebook pages and posts on social, but Goodyear is also officially promoting its campaign on the Goodyear Facebook page complete with a funny video of a guy named Joe selling knockoffs of Trader Joe’s knockoffs from the trunk of his car, asking residents to band together and make certain he’s not the only Trader Joe’s in town.

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