Notes from 7-Eleven’s annual trade show

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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7-Eleven Experience was held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and hosted more than 8,500 attendees.

7-Eleven is bolstering its private brand presence in 2020 — a move that was in the spotlight at the retailer’s annual trade show and conference in Las Vegas — 7-Eleven Experience. 

The retailer’s private label growth also is the subject of Store Brands’ upcoming February issue; the re-energized publication drops soon and the cover story will be available online Tuesday.

At the convention, Don Longo, editorial director of Convenience Store News, spoke with 7-Eleven President and CEO Joseph DePinto and senior vice president of merchandising and demand chain Jack Stout, learning that the retailer will expand its private label 7-Select brand for packaged food and beverages, and its recently launched 24/7 Life brand for health and beauty, electronics, and general merchandise.

“We’ve been moving our private labels up to premium, and we haven’t seen the customer flinch,” said Stout, explaining that the goal for 7-Eleven’s proprietary brands is to be “better than the similar national brand, provide a better price for consumers, and a better penny profit for franchisees.”

We’ve been moving our private labels up to premium, and we haven’t seen the customer flinch.
Jack Stout , 7-Eleven senior vice president of merchandising and demand chain

Among the developments around private label are:

  • The 7-Select brand of cold-pressed, organic juice drinks, introduced in late 2018, is appealing to a new, younger customer base;
  • Its Voyager Point proprietary wine won an award from the Private Label Manufacturers Association, and its new Roamer portable wine in a can (available in rose, riesling and chardonnay varieties) is selling very well;
  • New candy and snack items have been introduced under the 7-Select brand in unique flavors determined by research into consumers’ likes and wants;
  • An organic private-label milk will launch in March in regular, chocolate and reduced-fat varieties;
  • Also launching in March will be a super-premium bottled water from Iceland called Skyra; and 
  • Line and flavor extensions for the retailer’s successful Quake energy drink are in the planning phase.

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