New report from Birdzi details the "omnishopper" for retailers

Grocery-tech company Birdzi has released a new report on omnishoppers, those who shop both in-person and online, detailing why retailers should cater to group with their private brands.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Customer intelligence company Birdzi has released new data on omnishoppers, defined as shoppers who buy groceries both in-store and online. The company says that retailers should cater to omnishoppers, as the number of customers who shop both ways has increased from .6% to 1.2% of all shoppers from 2019 to 2021.

"This report shows how important the omnishopper segment is to retailers,” Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder of Birdzi, told Store Brands. “Omnishoppers' use of multiple retailer channels highlights their flexibility and willingness to try new things. As a retailer, why not capitalize on that willingness by giving this segment individualized offers for private brand products based on their purchase history? Give them an incentive to explore your private brand."

Raman was recently featured in Store Brands’ latest cover story on tech leaders who are helping power private brands.

Omnishopper data

The report on omnishoppers showed four main results. First, omnishoppers tend to spend more. Birdzi said that when customers have the ability to shop via more than one channel — in store, online, on apps and through searchable flyers — they spend more. Research showed that omnishoppers spent 135% more money than online-only and in-store-only shoppers, with omnishoppers spending about twice as much.

In addition to spending more, omnishoppers also buy more. Omnishoppers purchased about twice as many units as online-only and in-store-only shoppers, and averaged a basket size of $74.5, compared to a basket size of $48 for in-store shoppers.

The research showed that omnishoppers are also more engaged. All grocers know customer engagement leads to more sales and referrals. Omnishoppers shop in 11.7 different departments, versus online-only shoppers and in-store-only shoppers both shopping in 5.4 departments. 

Finally, Birdzi found that omnishoppers are more loyal, and visit the store more often. Omnishoppers took 1.9 trips per week, compared to 0.9 and 0.58 trips by online-only shoppers and in-store-only shoppers respectively. Average trips per omnishopper are 1.5x in-store-only shoppers, and 4x online-only shoppers.

The full report can be found here.