Macy’s taps exclusive run of hypoallergenic home goods collab

Products feature clean design from rising entrepreneur Robin Wilson.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Next month, Macy’s will launch an exclusive collection of home design pieces from a hypoallergenic textile brand collaboration.

The Clean Design Home x Martex collection of pillows, sheets, comforters, robes and towels leverages textiles focused on tempering asthma and allergy triggers, such as dust mites, pet dander and pollen, from Robin Wilson, an entrepreneur behind the Clean Design company. To create the items, she partnered with the manufacturer WestPoint Home. The collection also includes allergen-barrier utility options for mattress and pillow protection.

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The palette will be a minimalist palette of white, grey, light blue, ivory and blush, and will also include 400 thread-count sheet sets and duvets. All the products are made with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton and certified Made-in-Green by Oeko-Tex. Plus, the towels are Supima cotton-loop and tightly woven bathrobes are low-linting, so they reduce the presence of airborne allergens.

The collection will be at 165 stores across the United States, including Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico, with an online preview on December 26. Pricing ranges from $15 to $275.

The line of products is an example of the founder of Clean Design Home, Robin Wilson, a Black female entrepreneur, and her goal to partner with leading manufacturers to change the health and lexicon around home goods. Wilson is an American entrepreneur, author and designer, who has been the creative director for eponymous brand Robin Wilson Home since 2000. Wilson is also the founder of A Blue Egg Corporation, the conglomerate created to bring together real estate, design and licensing — founded in 2006.

After successful collaborations with major developers and hospitality groups, she became the first Black woman to license her brand to custom kitchen cabinetry sold nationwide by 400 independent dealers — followed by an eponymous textile line sold at retail.

In 2020, Robin was named one of the Top 100 Female Founders in the world by Inc. Magazine. Her influence in the area of eco-friendly, sustainable and hypoallergenic issues has elevated her career trajectory through hard work and consistent messaging.

“Robin Wilson brings a new level of expertise in the world of Clean Design and anti-allergen products that we have not explored up to now.” said WestPoint Home CMO, Regan Iglesia, “With Robin Wilson, we studied the market and believe that there is a need and desire for ‘better’ products in this category.”

The Macy’s launch is exclusive into spring of 2022, and then WestPoint Home will distribute items under the Clean Design Home x Martex program on its own site.